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Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

 For the Woofs

Our 30 minute pet sitting and walking visits for Dogs is specialized with extra TLC and extra safety measures. For safety measures, we use a back up collar while walking your dog, this provides extra security just in case your dogs collar slips or breaks. To keep you worry free we never tie your best friend unattended outside, and on elevators we make sure they are inside and in the back of the elevator. We make sure your dog is happy and well behaved throughout the walk. After every fun walk each Woof gets a yummy treat and of course water and food refills. You will come home to a happy dog waiting for you to check their Woof Meow Roar report card telling all the details of the visits and walks.

 For the Meows

Our 30 minute or 15 minute pet sitting visits for cats is designed specifically for every single cats needs.

Let's start with the 15 minute basic visit:

Designed for kitties who are reserved and self sufficient, who only need their food, water, and litter box cleaned and refilled.

Then our 30 minute premium visit:

Designed for kitties who want V.I.P treatment. This includes all the 15 minute visits has to offer plus+

* lots of treats

* catnip

* massage

* brushing

* lots of hugs and kisses

* lots of playtime

You will definitely come home to a happy kitty waiting for you to check the Woof Meow Roar report card telling all the details of their day and visits.

 For the Roars

We dont offer services for the roars, they're too big! LOL!  But instead, for the dog and cat pet sitting visits we include the following for no extra charge:

* light cleaning

* trowing of trash

* watering of plants

* picking up the mail, newpaper, and magazines

* turning on and off the a.c. to cool them down

* leaving the lights on if needed

 House Sitting

Woof Meow Roar also offers house sitting services to NYC and the surrounding areas.

We are  properly Insured and Bonded to offer this service.

House sitting services is designed to watch over your house with or without pets involved while you're out of town or  on vacation.

Our house sitting services includes:

* make the house/apartment look occupied

* water plants (indoor or outdoor)

* light cleaning and disposing of trash

* take in mail, newspaper, and magazines